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  • Big Data

    Big Data: What to Expect in 2018

    The widespread adoption of computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices connected via robust, high-bandwidth networks is leading to enormous amounts of data being generated and stored by companies large and small. With so much information at our disposal, computer scientists are developing techniques to help us process and make sense of all this new Big …

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  • NextGen Vehicles

    Whats Next for Autonomous Vehicles

    It’s good to remain humble when prognosticating about the future. Clever science fiction writers might have been able to predict the invention of automobiles after the era of the horse and buggy, but no one imagined that there would be such a thing as the gridlock that soon congested cities as America became a motoring …

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  • Artificial Intelligence, A Brief Overview

    The primary goals of AI research include the application of expert knowledge, environmental perception, manipulating physical objects and natural language processing. The approaches used to accomplish these goals include computational intelligence, machine learning, statistical methods and traditional symbolism.

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